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Ashley's Moment

Ashley called Bridges of Hope for help during a difficult time. She had just ended an unhealthy relationship and had recently transitioned to a new job which resulted in a brief gap in her income. Ashley was not currently behind on any bills, however she was worried this could happen and was looking for advice. Jess in our office reviewed Ashley’s expenses with her, and knowing things would be tight for a little while, made some suggestions to help Ashley stretch her budget. Jess encouraged open communication with her car loan lender and her landlord as sometimes payments can be deferred or payment plans can be made. Lastly, Jess provided Ashley with information for Ruby’s Pantry, a low cost food resource that could help stretch her grocery budget. Ashley was relieved and grateful and thanked Jess for her help.

Within days, Ashley called to thank Jess again. She had successfully deferred one month of her car loans, was in a much more hopeful place, and stated, “I feel like miracles are happening.”

We’re so grateful that we can provide advice and support to community members like Ashley! Thank you to all supporters and friends of BoH!

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