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Corey’s Moment

Corey and his son recently moved to the area from another state to be closer to family after the loss of his wife. The expenses of relocating had added up more than Corey expected, but he still thought he had enough saved to get into a new place while waiting for his new job to start. He called Bridges of Hope after he found out he would need first and last month’s rent, a deposit, and utility deposits to get into housing. He was just not expecting to need that much money up front. Corey had a cushion set aside, but was about $800 short of what he needed. 

Thanks to the generosity of our local community, we were able to not only help Corey get into a place, we were also able to set him up with groceries from Operation Sandwich for a few weeks to get by until his first paycheck came in. Going through the loss of a loved one is such a difficult experience and we were happy to help ease this transition just a little bit for Corey and his son. If you’re interested in helping families like Corey’s, check out our website at to learn more about how to donate or volunteer.

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