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Robert’s Moment

Robert called Bridges of Hope in need of gas money. He had been living in a sober housing facility for the past six months and was in the process of moving into his own home. Robert explained that once he was settled in, he would get to have visitation time with his daughter who was not living with him at the time.

Robert told Bridges staff that he had recently started a new job but would not get paid for a week and a half. He had used the last of the gas in his vehicle while moving into his new home. He was very worried because he still had five days of work to get to before he was paid in addition to his outpatient appointments twice a week. 

After verifying Robert had a valid driver’s license and up to date insurance, Bridges staff calculated how much gas Robert would need to get to work and his appointments and provided Robert with a $15 gas card. This simple kindness kept Robert on track for getting to work and his appointments, and he couldn’t wait to start scheduling visits with his daughter!  Thank you for supporting Bridges of Hope and making solutions like this one possible!

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