We encourage our donors to take a stroll through Common Goods to see the kind of merchandise that is most suitable for our sales floor.

ALL donated items need to be good-quality, clean, gently used and/or undamaged. Thank you for your careful consideration

We accept items in the following categories:


  • Clothing-Men’s/Women’s/Children’s

  • Jewelry

  • Purses/Belts/Hats/Scarves/Shoes/Ties/etc.



  • Antiques

  • Artwork

  • Bedding, Linens, Towels

  • Furniture

  • Baby Equipment (excluding car seats and cribs)

  • Small Household/Kitchen Appliances



  • Board Games, Puzzles and Toys

  • Books

  • CDs, DVDs, and VHS

  • Crafting Supplies

  • Musical Instruments

  • Tools and Sporting Goods

Please call before donating.
Baxter - 218-824-0923
Crosslake - 218-692-7682

Please call ahead to determine our ability and availability to accept donations. We will need to know how many boxes and bags you plan to donate. Due to our new safety protocols, you will be required to wear a mask when donating your items. We will not accept any loose items or clothing on hangers. All clothing/ linens must be in bags. All shoes must be in bags. All hard goods must be in boxes or totes with lids or covers so that we can stack items. Thank you for helping us keep things safe and organized and for your continued patience as we work through our new donation intake systems.

We are happy to provide you with a donation receipt for tax purposes right when you drop off your items.

If you have a unique or unusual item, feel free to call and inquire about our ability to accept it.

Common Goods cannot accept or resell the following items; however, many of these items can be donated to one of our community partners and we can help direct you to the right local agency upon request:

  • Large Appliances

  • Car Seats and Cribs

  • Construction Materials

  • Mattresses and Box Springs

  • Sleeper Sofas

  • Waterbeds

  • Items with garage sale stickers

  • Scratched, broken or chipped dishware, glassware and pots & pans

  • Text and reference books

  • Any items with holes, mildew, tears, stains, etc.

The following items cannot be donated at any Area Agency or Store:

  • Automotive chemicals or parts

  • Weapons, including bullets, knives, bows, arrows

  • Explosives or harmful toxic materials


Please contact the Crow Wing County Landfill at 218-828-4392 to dispose of these materials.