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Lana’s Moment

Lana called BoH because she had recently lost her housing after she fled a domestic violence situation. Lana found an apartment, however, it would not be ready for two weeks. Lana had stayed with a friend for about a week during this time, but couldn’t stay any longer as it was jeopardizing her friend’s housing. Lana had looked into the local domestic violence shelter, but they were full and they referred her to Bridges of Hope. Jessica in our office researched hotel options for Lana, but that was not affordable. She then asked Lana if she was aware of our overnight shelter, The Bridge on 7th. She was familiar with the shelter but had some safety concerns. After reviewing our safety procedures, talking about our trained staff, and reassuring her of the building security, Lana felt comfortable with staying at The Bridge. This short-term resource ended up being just what Lana needed until she could get into her new place. Thanks to your support, Bridges of Hope will be available to Lana if something comes up in the future!

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