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The All-Time Top Eleven Quotes from our Clients

Thank-You Card

Since our founding, Bridges of Hope has built-in a specific follow-up component to our services. We have two main reasons for doing this. First, we want to make sure that the resources, programs and ideas we suggested actually helped someone resolve their crisis–because that’s why we exist! Second, and equally as important, we want to know whenever those resources, programs, and ideas didn’t work for someone–so we can do a better job matching a person’s unique situation to the right resources the next time around.

Because of our commitment to following up, our staff spend some of their time every week making follow-up phone calls to those we have recently worked with. A side benefit to making these phone calls is that many of our clients say some really kind things to us, and a few years ago, we decided it might be a good idea to write them down!

So here you can see the all-time top eleven quotes from our clients, as voted on by our staff.

Some are funny, some are a little quirky, most inspire us to continue our work, and all of them are incredibly gracious and kind:

Number 11: Bridges was beyond wonderful. I wish I would have known about this program 6 years ago.

Number 10: I can’t believe how nice your thrift store is!

Number 9: Usually Bridges is pretty good. The way I look at it is that it just isn’t meant to be this time.

Number 8: I called for Crisis Nursery at 9:00 AM and got to work by 10:00!

Number 7: I so appreciate you! You are a lifesaver. I can’t say excellent enough! I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Number 6: Because of Bridges of Hope, I feel like I have more support in the Brainerd community.

Number 5: You guys rock. I have tears in my eyes. I was so worried about my kids.

Number 4: My opinion of Bridges has just changed, because you made this follow-up call to see how we were doing.

Number 3: I was so distraught and worried when I called Bridges of Hope. When I got off the phone I prayed, and then a sense of calm came over me. I feel that Bridges was the answer to my prayers. Thank you.

Number 2: I am so grateful that you helped me! I had no other way to get my car fixed. Thank God for Bridges of Hope and people like you!

And our nearly unanimous favorite:

Number 1: I wouldn’t have made it through without all the help. You were the “bridge” to my hope!

Honestly, there is truly no higher source of praise. An enormous thanks is due to those we serve for their generous words.


Do you know someone who is struggling? Someone working through a family or parenting crisis? Someone could use our help navigating area resources? Visit our website for more information or have them call Bridges of Hope today: 218.825.7682.

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