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Hope is Happening

The year is past its midpoint; which means it’s time to check in on where we’re at thus far with programming and services. As of August 28th, we have helped over 900 households (approximately 2,250 people) this year! Here’s what just a few of those we’ve served had to say about their experience with Bridges of Hope:

  1. “I’m so glad I called you!” Amy was referred to an agency that helped install grab bars in her tub and shower for her mother, who had recently moved in with her, to safely utilize.

  2. “When you feel like you are floundering you will grab at anything, but you came back with resources that have really made a difference.” Cheri and Steve were given custody of their 2 grandchildren who’ve experienced trauma and needed mental health resources and support.

  3. “I was down so far and it was so hard. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I am so grateful for your help.” After exhausting all potential resources, Alan’s furnace that had broken down almost a year ago was replaced through our Spirit of Kindness fund.

  4. “I really appreciate making a connection. It’s nice to hear a friendly voice. I will check into the options you gave me. Thank you for giving us a ray of sunshine. Have a great day! God bless.” The mother of two, Leah, had left an abusive relationship and requested resources for housing and basic needs items as well as financial and legal counseling.

Whether it’s an unexpected bill, mental health crisis, or basic needs, we all need a resource for facing life’s challenges. Because of supporters like you, there is a place to call for help. Thank you for partnering with Bridges of Hope in serving the Lakes Area.

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