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Catherine's Moment

Catherine recently found herself in a tough position. The great news was that she had been hired for a new job which paid a better wage and was closer to her home. Catherine gave notice at her job and prepared for the transition. The bad news was the unexpected delay with her onboarding at her new job which left her with a three week gap in pay. What was supposed to be an exciting new opportunity quickly turned into a stressful situation.

Being a single mother to three kids made this loss of income a real problem and she was worried about falling behind on her mortgage. This is when she called Bridges of Hope for help. Catherine worked through our process, provided the necessary verifications, and it was easy for us to see how Catherine got into this one time difficult situation. We were able to assist with one month of Catherine’s mortgage which got her back on track.

Catherine was so grateful for the help Bridges was able to provide. She is now very happy with her decision to start a new job and she’s confident she can provide a great life for her children moving forward. If you or someone you know are in a difficult situation, call Bridges of Hope at 218-825-7682 for help.

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