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March 2023 Update

Hello, friends of BoH! We hope you’re well and want to give you a quick update regarding the services you helped us provide to our neighbors in need through Resource Connection Services (RCS) and Operation Sandwich.

We served 92 households in January and 65 in February through RCS! This includes help with housing/shelter, basic needs, transportation, mental & physical health, education & family support, and more. Of those we served, 103 households needed assistance related to housing/shelter. This included help with deposits or monthly rent needed to get into housing and prevent loss of shelter.

With area spring breaks right around the corner, Operation Sandwich volunteers are in the process of preparing 400 bags of food for distribution during. There will also be another distribution in April around Easter break. Thank you for helping us ensure local kiddos are not going hungry!

Thank you for your continued support of our organization. We wouldn’t be able to help our community without the tireless support and generosity of people like you.

Happy spring!

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