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Wanted: VHS Tapes

Doug and Jill stopped in to Common Goods on their way to their cabin this summer. They were looking for a few “new” items to decorate with. As they looked around the store, Jill noticed several VHS tapes on a shelf. She excitedly called Doug over–the couple had a VHS player at the cabin, and their grandchildren often requested to watch movies while visiting. Doug and Jill snapped up several children’s titles that day, glad to know they would have something “new” for the grandkids to watch. On the way out of the store, Doug promised they would be back next summer, on the hunt for more VHS tapes!

Believe it or not, VHS tapes are popular at Common Goods–our customers are always looking for VHS tapes, DVDs and CDs in good condition and in their original cases. Children’s titles and family movies are especially popular. Look through your own video and music collection at home, and donate the selections your family no longer enjoys to Common Goods–they just might make someone else’s day!

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