Wally and Cindy’s Moment

A Family Service Worker at BoH assisted the couple in applying for county assistance and unemployment, so they would be able to care for their grandchildren. They were approved for both, a great relief for Wally.

To resolve their mortgage crisis, the BoH staff contacted the president of the local bank where the couple had their mortgage, to work out a payment plan that was a “win” for all parties. Since the only way to make the payments work would be to reduce the total amount they owed, Wally and Cindy made a larger initial payment and BoH matched it with its Spirit of Hope funds, so that the bank was able to agree to a payment plan for the rest of the money owed.

A few weeks later, we followed up with Wally, who reported that things were going much better, and he finally felt like he and his family were getting back on their feet.

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