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Michelle’s Moment

Michelle calls Joshua her miracle baby. After a devastating car accident two years ago that had also left Michelle unable to work, doctors had said it just was not possible for her to have children. But Joshua’s arrival last winter proved them all wrong.


Though unable to work, the new mom actively volunteered at a local ministry program through her church. Michelle owned a van specially equipped for her disability, but various maintenance needs had gone unrepaired until the van was finally not driveable–Michelle’s disability income simply would not stretch far enough. To continue to attend her regular monthly appointments and volunteering, Michelle had been using public transportation whenever she could and was simply taking Joshua out in a stroller the rest of the time.

As the days became cooler and she battled a recurring bout of bronchitis, Michelle knew it was finally time to ask for help. Michelle went to her church first, and because they give to the Spirit of Kindness Fund,* the social ministry leader called Bridges of Hope. The van was in need of several different repairs, and Bridges of Hope was able to partner with the Salvation Army for most of them. In the meantime, Michelle’s church had a connection to a local mechanic who offered a free estimate and who even donated a tank of gas to Michelle. Michelle also took responsibility for what she could by working out a payment plan with a local business to pay for one of the specialized repairs. Because local resources came together to support Michelle and Joshua, they now have a working van, ready just in time for winter.

Click here to support families like Michelle & Joshua this season.*Spirit of Kindness is a collaborative benevolent fund administered by Bridges of Hope. Many area churches donate to the fund, and any church can refer someone in crisis to Bridges of Hope for intake, screening and referrals. When local resources are exhausted, Bridges of Hope can utilize the funds to assist the family.

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