It’s Not About the Bunny, the Candy, and the Ham. Or is it?

Silhouettes of Three Crosses

She explained that, because her work hours had been reduced lately, she just couldn’t afford the gas money to travel, and, on top of that, one of her little ones was ill. She told one of our workers that she was feeling sad & lonely and was upset that she couldn’t afford the fixings for an Easter dinner or Easter baskets for her children. Even though she knew that’s not really what the holiday is about, she was feeling a loss at not being able to provide for her children.

Because of our special relationship with churches, we decided to see if a local church might be able to connect with Nicole and sponsor her family for Easter. A couple of our workers made a list of the items needed to make this family’s Easter a little brighter. We sent an email to our church mailing list and, within 20 minutes, The Journey North responded and committed to take care of the whole list!