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60K in 60 Days Kick-Off Event a Success

On Friday, November 1, about fifty brave souls gathered at the Franklin Arts Center parking lot for lunch at Prairie Bay’s Side Dish food truck. It was the kick-off event for Bridges of Hope’s fall fundraising campaign: “60K in 60 Days,” and Prairie Bay generously donated a full 25% of their sales to us during the event!

Side Dish Truck & Bridges of Hope

The Side Dish is Ready to Serve!

Lakeland News showed up to cover the event as well, which you can watch here:

There were many bowls of Prairie Bay’s famous Lobster Bisque ladled out; as well as many, many steaming cups of coffee ordered by those who came out both to support Bridges and to take advantage of the Side Dish’s last stop of the season.

The First Customers Put in their Orders at the Side Dish

The First Customers of the Day

Our Staff Are Ready to Greet You!

Our Staff Braving the Weather

The Line Gets Longer at the Side Dish

The Line Getting Longer

We are so thankful for the great show of support on a rather chilly, windy day! YOU helped make our Fall Fundraising Campaign kick-off successful!

Here are a few more ways you can help us build Bridges this fall:

  1. Learn about how a gift of $150 can support a family like Dustyne’s.

  2. Follow our Campaign on Facebook, our Website, and our Blog.

  3. Make a tax-deductible gift today.

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