Shauna’s Moment

Just as the heat of summer is ramping up, the last thing you want to find is your refrigerator inoperable.

Shauna called Bridges of Hope on a hot day in June, frantic and frustrated. She had just spent half the year nesting away every penny she could pinch when disaster decided to strike again, and her fridge stopped working. She had been frugal with her budget and had a small savings for emergencies, but that had been purposed towards a new well for her home which was close to expiration, and a rebuilt transmission for the car she bought that turned out to be a lemon. Grudgingly, Shauna made the hard decision to prolong the chance of her well or car all out dying one day to use some of the fund to go towards replacing her fridge.


Shauna had started saving her recently purchased food in a cooler with ice as soon as she was aware of the problem, and immediately started looking at new fridges. This was something she had never had to buy before and was very disappointed to find out that nothing was even remotely affordable for her. Already working overtime to gear up for the other large expenses, she had little time to search for a replacement.

After completing an intake, Bridges’ Resource Specialist, Jake, asked if Shauna was familiar with the ReStore. He explained that it’s a home improvement store that sells new and used furniture, appliances and