Jess’s Moment

After the birth of their third child, Jess was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She experiences attacks, where the condition gets noticeably worse, followed by times of recovery where symptoms improve.  Her husband, Thom, works full time to support their family, while Jess does what she can to take care of life at home.

The youngest two children had their own set of health concerns. Between the two, they have likely spent more time in hospitals than most adults. Seizures are not uncommon to them, nor are sudden trips to the ER. These boys have trouble sleeping and eating, they are developmentally delayed in their motor skills, and are challenged in areas of sensory and emotional/behavioral regulation.

Older sister, Callie, has a clean bill of health. But with dad working so much and mom needing extra help, she ends up being responsible for more than her parents want her to be at age 14.

Last year, Thom and Jess made a difficult decision to move away from their hometown, so Thom could take a job that paid more, though it was an overnight position. Without the support of friends and family, stress and responsibilities were wearing everyone thin. Prescriptions and doctor appointments were a constant in managing the physical health of this household but did little to address the high stress levels everyone was experiencing.


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