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Earth Day 2012

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On Earth Day many individuals and groups around the world plant trees, clean up parks and recreation areas, educate the Community on recycling and being Green, spread knowledge on water conservation and organic food. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. Now nearly a billion people participate in Earth Day events in 192 different countries.

This year, Common Goods once again collaborated  with some of our other local thrift stores and giving ministries on April 14 for a community Earth Day celebration. Those wishing to donate their reusable items were able to come to one place to do so!

Part of the reason Common Goods was created was to do exactly that: to help the goods in our local community stay here–and be redistributed to others who could use them–instead of entering landfills. We also work to help educate our donors on the kinds of items that have lived beyond their useful life but can still be recycled (and how or where to do that).

We so appreciate our volunteers, donors and community partners for supporting this local initiative once again this year. Saturday was a beautiful day and a great opportunity to share our ongoing relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Salem West and our efforts to distribute the gentle used and new items that are generously donated by our community.  Several other groups either participated in the event or donated food or goods to make the day a success–our thanks goes out to them all! By working together we all make the Lakes Area a better place to live.


Learn more about the mission and volunteer opportunities at Common Goods.

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