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Volunteer Appreciation Week

by savit keawtavee

National Volunteer Week embodies the energy and power volunteers evoke on a daily basis as they lead by example—not only encouraging the people they help, but motivating others to serve as well.

Volunteer Appreciation Week was April 15-21 this year. Several Countries celebrate this week: USA, Canada, England, and Australia. Some ways these countries celebrate are luncheon’s with themes, note cards, flowers, free lunches, assemblies recognizing the volunteers, and essay contests.

We have been blessed at both Common Goods and Bridges of Hope with the volunteers we need to serve our clients, customers and store needs. In fact, there are volunteers serving at Common Goods almost every single day the store is open!  They volunteer in small groups of 3-4 from the schools and churches. Individuals and couples volunteer sharing their time and talents. Businesses volunteer for projects and service to our community. They come weekly, monthly or whenever they have time.  Over 600 volunteers have served nearly 4,000 hours at Common Goods since the store opened–WOW!

The joy, fellowship and service volunteers provide are priceless.  We pray for abundant blessings back to the volunteers who have so generously shared their time and talents with us.

Take Action:

– Learn more about what is happening in the broader volunteer community and ways to engage your community in volunteering (

-Learn more about volunteering at Common Goods.

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