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The Heart of the Beast

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy.  You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.  ~Author Unknown

Common Goods has been around for just over two years now. We regularly count the many ways we have been blessed, particularly with volunteers. Volunteers help us steam clothing; clean the store and straighten racks; paint, mend and repair; build shelving and displays; and help us pick up large items from donors…just to name a few of their valuable services. Last year 250+ volunteers gave over 1,800 hours of their time and talents to continue making Common Goods the great place that it is.

Bill Brekken is just such one of these God-sends. Bill was one of the Bridges of Hope Board Members who was involved with Common Goods from the very beginning–acting as a key player in the store’s start-up; and now, as a frequent volunteer, he continues to be involved on a regular basis. Bill often comes in on Saturday mornings to help with furniture donation pick-up (a deeply appreciated volunteer service), and if no pick-up is scheduled for the day, Bill might still drop by for some Saturday morning coffee and catch-up with the staff.

Bill has also appointed himself to be one of our biggest “cheerleaders,” telling nearly everyone he meets about Common Goods and Bridges of Hope; it is clear that Bill believes deeply that our work is making our community a better place to live.

My (teenage) son Nick recently accompanied Bill on one of his weekend furniture pick-ups. After spending the better part of the afternoon together, as Nick shook Bill’s hand goodbye, he commented, “Dude, you’re a Beast!”–which, to translate from the teenage vernacular, is the highest possible compliment my son can pay.

And if Bill is in fact a Beast, he is certainly one who has a tremendous heart. Thanks, Bill.


Get Involved at Common Goods:

  1. Have a truck? Have muscle? Have both? Join the Common Goods “On-Call” list to help with things like furniture pick-up and moving…OR call (218.824.0923) or email Suzanne to learn more and set up a time to volunteer–flexible hours are available!

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