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Moving Day!

Have you heard? Bridges of Hope is moving. We are approaching this day with mixed emotion. We really love our home here at First Lutheran Church and are sad to go, AND, we are excited about our new home and all the opportunity it will bring.

The staff, p

We will miss you too! But, we aren’t going far away and we will certainly stay in touch with First Lutheran as we do with all of our local churches to work together to build bridges for families in need.

Some people have asked, “Why are you moving?” We have a few reasons. The most important reason is to serve the community better. We believe that the time has come for Bridges of Hope to be less “cleverly hidden” and to have an increased presence in the community. We are thrilled that people will now be able to walk directly into our reception area and hear, “Welcome to Bridges of Hope. How can I help you?”

Another reason is, we’ve grown! During the recession, we’ve seen a 56% increase in the need for our services. We are very thankful that we have been able to keep up with this need. But it me

“So, where is this new office?” you ask. As of Tuesday, October 9th, Bridges of

Please stay tuned about an opportunity this fall to visit us at our new home. We have plans for a great Open House in the works.

Until then, please pray for us as we work through this transition over the coming days. We continue to be ever mindful that we could not do this without your support!

Thank you for helping us build Bridges!

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