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Geri's Moment

Geri called Bridges of Hope (BoH) to complete an intake with Resource Specialist Jess. Sadly, she shared she had been living in an emotionally abusive relationship and needed to find her own place to live. Affordable housing is a challenge in the Lakes Area right now, and working full-time, Geri would not likely qualify for subsidized housing or any other support. Jess helped Geri work through her budget and helped her learn what was in her price range. Jess supplied Geri with a Crow Wing County housing guide and informed her of some landlords to call to get on their waiting lists. A couple of weeks later, Jess received an update on Geri’s situation and was able to bring the situation to a team of professionals called LARC, Lakes Area Resource Collaborative. To get into the place Geri found, she would need a deposit, first month’s rent, and last month’s rent for a total of $2,250. That was incredibly overwhelming to Geri, understandably. She shared her father was able to help her a little as he wanted her out of the unhealthy situation. She also had saved a little. Between what Geri had saved, some help from her father, and Bridges of Hope’s Spirit of Kindness Fund, Geri was able to get a fresh start in a new place. Through our Resource Connection Services (RCS) program, we are able to help and empower people like Geri. We want to thank donors and supporters like you for making this possible. THANK YOU, from all of us at BoH.

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