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Community Concert Touched Hearts

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Written by Guest Author Tracy Jeremiason, Board Member

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At the end of March, Bridges of Hope hosted a Community Concert of thanks and praise! Bridges of Hope was hosting it second concert of this kind and was also celebrating its 10th Anniversary–a day to celebrate ten years of of service, commitment, and partnerships with the community.

The event featured the Lord of Life Worship Band along with music and a story of hope from Jennifer Perez. The Lord of Life Band shared amazing music with us that day!

Tears were brought to my eyes as I listened to Jennifer Perez share her life story through intense lyrics and a breath-taking singing voice. Listening to her songs echo throughout the church sanctuary, and in sharing her powerful story, I am reminded of HOPE.

Hope that shows up in the most unpredictable moments, comes in many forms, and helps us all move forward in life. Hope that comes in the deepest form and leads us to our Heavenly Father, who is our rock.

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Bridges of Hope is part of the story Jennifer shared and was a point of hope that was brought into her life. It makes me smile to think of all the people God brought together to share hope with Jennifer–people who Jennifer will probably never meet but who may have touched her life through prayer, a financial gift to Bridges of Hope, or their partnership as a congregation or business in the community.

Today Jennifer shares the gift of hope with others, whether it is through her singing, sharing her story with others, volunteering for Bridges of Hope, or through her work as a social worker, she is passing on the gift that was given to her.

This event inspired me to take a moment to reflect on what I can do to spread HOPE to our community.

Jennifer & Tracy
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