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Common Goods’ Top 10 Most Appreciated Donations

At Common Goods, we literally receive thousands of donations every year–it’s the backbone of our business, and we truly wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the generosity of our faithful donors!

The following is a list I’ve compiled of our “Top Ten” most appreciated donations. These items are our best sellers, are the most sought after by shoppers, and just fit the mission and “vibe” of Common Goods in general. Take a look and see if you’ve ever donated–or purchased–any of the items on the list!


10. Clothing for the whole family

9. Shoes and winter boots for the whole family

8. Games and Puzzles – all pieces included

7. Books – current titles, for the whole family (please no text books, encyclopedias or Readers Digest)

6. Sets of dishes and glassware (3 or more is considered a set)

5. Handbags, purses, luggage

4. Jewelry

3. Stylish Home Decor

2. Furniture – demand is high for home furniture that is clean and in good condition.  Pick up available for large pieces.

1. The unique is always welcome!


Hopefully something on that list inspired you to come in and shop, or to drop off a year-end donation! Common Goods has just started its fourth year of operation, and we are so grateful to the hundreds of generous donors and eager shoppers who have made Common Goods the great store it is today!

If anything on this list inspired you to donate, Common Goods accepts donations Monday – Saturday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Remember that all items donated to Common Goods need to be in clean, saleable condition– with all parts and pieces included. Calling beforehand is recommended, especially if you have a lot to donate. If you have large items, you will need to call and schedule an appointment. When considering whether something is a good fit for our store, you can take a look at our donation guidelines here, and we encourage you to spend some time shopping first at Common Goods if you’ve never been there, to get a good idea about the kinds of items we are able to sell.

Common Goods was created to financially support the work of Bridges of Hope, a faith-based human services nonprofit that has been serving children and families in need since 2002.

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