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Chelsea and Jamie's Moment

Anyone who is a parent or has a young child in their life they are close to will understand the importance of this small help we were able to offer Chelsea and Jamie. When Chelsea called Bridges of Hope, she was distraught. Her three-month-old baby had just been transported to the Twin Cities via ambulance. When the paramedics said one parent could accompany baby Noah, Jamie immediately told Chelsea to go and he would stay with their older children and get them settled with family. Jamie began making arrangements with family, friends, and his employer as he didn’t know what the coming days would bring. He was able to get time off of work and arrange for the children’s care, however, Jamie was concerned about the finances of the trip. The family had recently been through some financial strife and had just caught up on bills. Chelsea understandably needed the support of her spouse while she was at the hospital with Noah so, at the recommendation of a friend, she called Bridges of Hope. BoH Resource Specialist Jess was able to quickly calculate the cost of fuel for the trip, confirm Jamie had car insurance and a valid driver’s license, and get him on the road to be there for Chelsea and Noah. We pray that all is well with baby Noah. Thanks to supporters like YOU, we are able to help families like Chelsea and Jamie’s.

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