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The Side by Side mentoring services launched in 2012. The mission of this program is to move Participants from survival to sustainability by increasing their informal assets through long-term mentoring relationships. This program is currently on hold due to COVID-19.

This program is for highly motivated adult women (“Participants”) who have the mental and physical ability to seek out and maintain employment or volunteerism, who are not in immediate crisis, and who can demonstrate at least 6 months of sobriety. Side by Side is a “hand up” for women who are ready and able to make lasting changes in their lives. 

With the help of a Bridges of Hope Case Manager, each program Participant sets personal goals in the areas of:

  • Income & Stability

  • Skills & Education

  • Relationships & Meaning


Participants work toward these goals with the support of volunteer Mentors from the community. These intentional relationships provide an encouraging and accountable framework for individuals who are working to leave poverty. Participants who are accepted into the program are expected to work hard, maintain honest communication, and attend monthly and weekly meetings. Since its inception, the Side by Side program has worked with over 98 Participants and 52 volunteer Mentors, in this incredible, life-changing program.


The goal of Side by Side is to empower women to thrive through caring & supportive relationships.

A group of women who walk beside each other to create a healthy support system, learn from each other, and make positive life changes.

Click each of the links below to learn more about the program nd how you can make a difference.

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Monthly Mentor Report Form

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